2019-10-10 /// Our research teams at DBm have multiple projects running related to cicurlar building technologies. One of these projects - ASH-CEM - recently finished and succefully demonstrated its new technology. Have a look on this interesting video:

Prof. Matthys of DBm was interviewed regarding monitoring of concrete structures, in the framework of a keynote he gave at ie-net study day covering this topic. Read the article (in Dutch) here.

Uitnodiging 2019-09-06 /// Met genoegen kondigen wij het ‘ASH-CEM inspiratie en demonstratie event’ aan. Dit gaat door vrijdag 6 september 2019, in de late voormiddag, te Gent. Klik hier voor de uitnodiging.

DBm is working on technologies to reduce the impact of cement on the environment. Read the article in De TIJD (in Dutch).

3DbridgeMagnel2019-01-29 /// Our researchers of the Department of Structural Engineering 3D-printed a bridge on lab scale, applying shape optimisation to minimize the material use. More information can be found here.