The DBm expertise is situated in the field of building materials, sustainability and mechanics of materials and structure. Technologies cover building products, systems and techniques, from geotechnical applications over sustainable construction to software applications and measurement devices. Some of the research expertises are as follows:

:: Repair of concrete or stone by means of biodeposition. Consolidation of the surface of concrete and stone can be obtained by means of micro-organisms which precipitate calcium carbonate.

:: Self-cleaning of materials. Self-cleaning or air-purifying activity by means of bio- or photocatalytic particles applied on building materials.

:: Self-healing. Intelligent materials, which allow for example self-healing of cracks in concrete, permit constructions which are more durable and require less maintenance.

:: Self-compacting concrete (SCC). This type of concrete has unique placing capabilities. The concrete technology behind SCC is quite different compared to traditional concrete, and is based among other aspects on a new generation of admixtures.

:: New types of reinforcement. Novel reinforcement applications based on fibre composite reinforcement and short fibre reinforcement.

:: Hyper Clay. A modified clay with superior properties for low permeability when exposed to aggressive environments environments.

:: Algorithms for building information models. Computer technologies for information exchange/sharing and for enriching digital building models.